Enter Reservoir Design Parameters

Choose One of the Following Two Calculation Options:

  • Determine the maximum storage volume and height of dyke that can be created from balancing the earthwork quantities:

    At your option you may enter a volume of additional off-site borrow material that is available for dyke construction

  • Determine the storage volume and earthwork quantities that result from a specified height of dyke:



Using the Reservoir Design Parameters panel, enter the initial design parameters as defined in the definition sketch, then choose one of the two calculation options.

The calculated results will be displayed in the Results panel.


  • Shrinkage - percent decrease in the volume of earthwork from its natural to compacted state.
  • End slope - the slope parallel to the reservoir length
  • Side slope - the slope parallel to the reservoir width

Image of reservoir parameters



Reservoir Storage Curve

(to top of dyke)

Graph showing the relationship between depth and volume the reservoir may hold
Storage at Full Supply Level
Calculated Excavation Parameters
Top Length: -1.0 m
Top Width: -1.0 m
Bottom Length: -1.0 m
Bottom Width: -1.0 m
Earthwork Volume Available for Dyke Construction
Stripping Excavation: null m³
Key Trench Excavation: null m³
Reservoir Excavation: null m³
Total Earthwork Available: null m³
Earthwork Volume Required for Dyke Construction
Stripping Under Dyke: null m³
Key Trench: null m³
Dyke (above ground): null m³
Total Fill Required (compacted in place): null m³
Total Borrow Required (accounting for shrinkage):
Borrow is calculated as: Total Fill Required × (1 + Shrinkage)
null m³